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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 9, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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up for the jobs. she said she registered and voted last thursday. >> it is like he blasted me to vote for him. >> the mayor said without specific names, the allegations were baseless. gregg's two people gave us a first name and phone number. -- >> two people gave us a first name and phone number. rex is this john? -- >> is this john? >> yes. >> did you promise to the boughton people jobs if they voted for a dream -- promised two young people jobs for voting for adrian fenty? >> no, no, that is not true. >> this came on the heels of allegations that we have heard before about this. we think this should be investigated immediately by the board of elections.
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>> we asked if it was a rogue employee that just made promises. this used at that first -- this use that first called to complain that it was too widespread. -- this young person that first call to complain said it was too widespread. >> how did you get my number? >> from the kid that you picked up. >> you just could not have. >> when we pointedly asked him if he worked for mayor fenty, he hung up the phone. we passed his name, john, and cellphone number on and mayor fenty said he would investigate and we are waiting to hear back. >> the d.c. board of elections wants to encourage anyone who sees or hears about anything suspicious going on, they want them to contact the general counsel at 202-77-0294 --
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2027270294. >> a prince george's county family is devastated tonight after someone shot at a 15-year- old boy on his bicycle. that shooting took place in central avenue and capitol heights. the bureau chief talk to the teen-ager's family, who joins us now live with the details. >> i tell you what, over the last several years, i personally have covered a three different murders on this exact patch of sidewalk. and literally, just a step -- step or two apart. people admit that they have become numb to crimes, even horrible crimes. i did talk to this young victim and i think it is hard for her to be numb to her emotions. >> the call was for yet another shooting on the block of central
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avenue, where there have been many. another young person was shot multiple times and killed. it is the kind of crime that does not even make headlines anymore and the police for a bill to say little about the murder -- were able to save about the murder accept this. >> the victim was 15 years old. >> you heard right, the victim was just 15 years old. a silly, skinny, a tall young man named justin. but i cannot believe they took my aunt -- my son. -- >> i cannot believe it took my son. [crying] they're going to shoot him down for nothing. >> by all accounts, gesten was not involved in street life. he liked sports, school and the pictures he would take of himself and friends. his mom said thugs had already taken his ipod last night and it appears he was murdered for the bicycle he was riding home.
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tonight, his mother hopes the killer years her words. >> do you see the way i am praying? i wish your mother is going to cry just the same way because you took the love of my life. >> gesten's mother said her son dreamed of playing in the nba. he knew it was a longshot, but many of his cousins have. this case is wide open. they have no suspects and no motive. they're hoping someone out there gives them a lead that leads to an arrest in this case. greg? >> school volunteers are accused of never really touching -- >> school volunteers are accused of inappropriately touching students.
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there are two counts of aggravated sexual battery. five families are out of their homes after flames yesterday. the fire quickly spread along the sides and rooftops of five other homes after starting in the shed of one house on herndon. tilles employees were one -- among the first to galt 911 in this case. eight people were hurt in a crash in springfield and we find out now there marines. the truck killing the marines collided with them at the intersection of commerce street and bealefeld drive. >> two senior citizens contracted legionnaires' disease. is anyone else in danger of contracting this bacteria? we're live in frederick with more. net cash at? >> dashon and natash-- the top ?
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>> they think they have taken the right precautions. >> we are using bottled water in every room, paper plates are in ample supply. >> this 90-year-old mother is a resident here at tranquillity. she said two elderly residents got sick after drinking the water and contracted a bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease. >> it is very disturbing. with all of the availability of uv light and everything that is of concern as far as what we are taking in bacteria-wise, that should not hit -- happen. >> now, showers are off limits. there sponge beijing residents. -- they are sponge 18 residents. -- spongy bathing residents.
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>> we have not heard how the people are doing at the hospital, but officials in frederick county said somebody in frederick county -- if someone was healthy and contracted the bacteria somehow, they would probably be ok, but with two elderly people it is much more serious. >> thank you. we could still use some rain here, but we are still having absolutely beautiful weather. blue skies and mild temperatures around the area. will it last? >> a few more days, that is the story let's enjoy what we have out there. if you look at our rooftop camera, and using the same view here. as far as temperatures go, 78 in alexandria. this time yesterday we were in the 90's.
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elsewhere at this hour, 79 degrees in silver springs and 72 at germantown. the remainder of the early evening will call for skies to be a bit breezy. temperatures will drop down into the 60's overnight and will drop to 50 degrees by early morning. a chance of presentation as we get into the weekend. the overall outlook is looking at seven days or so. >> see you in a bit. construction on the 14th street bridge is approaching its halfway point, but unfortunately, that milestone is also going to lean meat -- big changes for drivers. from 10:00 p.m. friday until 5:00 a.m. monday, all lanes will be routed to the right around construction barrier. starting on monday, the left shoulder will be closed. the project is due to be
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completed next fall. and breaking news on the florida pastor who was planning to burn a koran on the anniversary of september 11. scott is in the newsroom with breaking details. >> we are getting a couple of conflicting reports right now. one of them indicates that the pastor has cancelled this planned burning of the koran because of all of the outrage we have seen internationally, and of course, the police. all the way of to -- the police killing all the way up to -- the pleas going on with to the president. the other is that he has been pressured to cancel. >> the chant began overseas, " death to america." the unrest is growing over the pastor's plan to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of 9/11. more powerful voices have lined
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up pleading with him to reconsider. >> if he is listening, i hope that he understands what he is proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans. >> in washington d.c., and joe cole leaders announced they are flying to lord -- evangelical leaders announced their flying to florida to try to meet with terry johns. >> -- terry jones. >> the ramifications could be global. >> others are taking a different approach, a program called "learn, not bernd." there also headed to florida, but handed out 200,000 copies of the koran and trying to explain to people back home that an entire company cannot be held -- cannot be blamed for one man's actions. >> the american government cannot stop this. in many parts of the world the government could intervene. >> but in terms of perception,
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the damage is already done. tensions, some say, are at an all-time high. and an international poll puts a strong likelihood on violent attacks across the globe. >> and president obama added today that the koran burning could be "and added bonanza for recruiting." hearing an update about the mosque at ground zero. >> keep us posted. controversy continues to swirl around this plant to build the islamic center around ground zero. an offer is being made to end this very divisive situation.
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we will see how this plays out. >> coming up, see how a tornado left behind devastation in dallas. >> and a woman left her car in a -- and a car -- a woman drove her car into a restaurant. still hoping that they will make the right decision, which is to bring my daughter back. >> a virginia man
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>> a virginia father traveled across the country to fight for the daughter he has never met. >> tonight, the fight over baby m and reaches new heights. -- baby emma reaches new heights. >> her adopted family rename her gabriana, but her biological father has gone to court to get her back. the cracks john stopped -- >> and john stopped only to show photos of his adopted daughter. his girlfriend signed papers without his permission. today, they argued before the
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state supreme court that emma belongs in virginia. >> i live in virginia halfway across the country and they want me to comply with their loss one i.r.c. did everything my state says i have to do. -- with their laws when i already did everything my states as i have to do. >> she's cute and so very much loved by the parents. >> and the attorney contends why did they miss the deadline to act? >> there are deadlines to stop adoptions. i do not think they are impossible to me. i think he should have acted on them. >> by john white is not alone. tanya came in wyoming for support. his walk -- her husband lost his daughter in the same kind of circumstance.
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>> he got a call from the baby's mother and said he will never see this child. you will pay child support until this job with 18. do you understand? no, -- he said, no, i do not. >> the court is not expected to rule until the end of the year. the adoptive parents are devastated, too. they should not have gone ahead with the adoption knowing that he still wanted her. >> a bank robber got more than he bargained for when he entered a wisconsin bank. the man pointed a gun at a teller demanding money, but did not expect what came next. take a look. a customer to tackle the masked robber, but could not hold onto him. the robber ran out of the bank before the police could arrive. now they are looking for the suspect. >> the death toll could soon
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rise after tropical storm hermine. two people are confirmed dead and two more are missing. tornadoes touched down in texas and southern oklahoma. look what it did to this man's home. >> before i get to the back door, the whole thing just blowed all to pieces. >> a local television station was able to catch one of the tornadoes live on the air. it is a reminder of how important is to pay attention when those warnings are issued. >> here, we have nothing to worry about. just sunshine and blue skies. in september and october every year we have our best weather days. coming up, we will talk about our rain prospects, but first, let's go to frederick.
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nothing more than a few fairweather clouds. it will this be -- dissipate as we get to sunset here. it may be close to 50 degrees in frederick pike morning. -- by morning. 74 right now in frederick. 76 has been heights a far. 63 degrees and a western the breach in fruitridge. and the district, a light breeze at 7 miles per hour. grasses, trees, stores are all down into the loh category. the high when today was ragweed, no surprise there. if you have a specific ad budget causing you problems, you should notice them starting really next week. marshall was one of the warm spots. 81 in fredericksburg.
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79 right now in braille. -- in bruno. 14 degrees cooler in fairfax. temperatures in the 60's to the northwest. warmer down south today because yesterday they had a lot of cloud cover and shower activity. all across the mid-atlantic and north wease -- northeast, almost 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. cool and dry and fall-like conditions off of the northern plains. some changes will develop around because of hermine.
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some of that moisture is probably boy to come through here on sunday just in the form of cloud cover. we may see a scattered showers or two. tomorrow, it is another cool day with a northerly breeze. highs in the mid 70's with a cool dry hair -- cool, dry air overhead. clear and comfortable tonight. 66 late tonight. 56 in the morning and 72 by midday. the numbers recover to about 80 on saturday. 30% chance of scattered showers on sunday. we're thinking that any threat of rain will be out before kickoff time on sunday night and then back to sunshine and cool their next week. if you like this weather, we have lots of it for you. >> oh, i like it.
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tonight, abc7 frame -- prime time, more falls, you can watch contestants stumbled through the obstacle course. >> coming up, hundreds of patients pull their mammoth -- thought their mammogram results were negative, but there never reviewed by a doctor. tonight from the devastating consequences. >> and joakim phoenix's wife is now the topic of a new documentary. >> and the worst fires in colorado history are still
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>> firefighters are hoping the weather will cooperate tonight as they try to get a handle on the most destructive wildfires in history. -- in colorado history. >> firefighters are gaining some ground on the four-mile canyon fire. it did not grow overnight and is now 30% contained. cool, rainy weather was a welcome help last night. >> not only did they get moisture on the fire area, but it provided for cooler temperatures and the increased relative humidity. it helped to give the night operation folks the upper hand.
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the >> other people that were believed to be missing are now accounted for. some evacuated residents are being allowed back to reflect belongings. a one-mile long line of motorists are waiting anxiously for the go-ahead. >> it was a no-brainer. i'm going to go get everything out and put it in storage until this whole thing blows over. >> water dropping helicopters and air tankers are trying to hold in check. unfortunately, winds up to 50 miles per hour are predicted later today. if that materializes, authorities say it could spell disaster. >> and with the win tonight, it could be off to the races. >> residents prayed that does not happen. it is already the most destructive fire in colorado history. >> coming up, they are hitting
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the "like" but now a lot more than their younger counterparts. a new trend sweeping over the over 50 crowd. >> news sexual-harassment charges against anne arundel executive john leopold. >> the woman accused of plowing into two pedestrians in adams morgan is out of jail. i will have
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. with leon harris, linney simpson, chief meteorologist doug hill with the weather, this is abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. on your side. >> tonight, a woman is facing an assault charge after crashing her car into and adams morgan restaurant. >> that crashed sent two women to a hospital and tonight, the driver is out of jail. julie has more details on the suspect as well as the victims. >> the suspect is being held at the -- under a high-intensity supervision program at her home in prince george's county. one of the victims is in critical condition and the other is in grave condition this evening. >> family members waited outside the courthouse this afternoon for shalik adams to emerge after she based the judge. she's facing are graded --
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aggravated assault after she was arrested in morgan last night after police say she had been drinking and plowed across the median at florida avenue, slamming into two women and crashing into a restaurant. >> we felt like the ball was going to break down on us. >> one of them was a graduate student at the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies. the conflict management major is originally from austria. >> i hope she will be all right. >> witnesses watched and were in horror as the dodge kareena out of control. adam's blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. some say this could have been even worse. >> we were lucky that night nobody else was hurt. >> after releasing her under the
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care of high-intensity supervision program, the judge said to adams, i'm so glad i was not standing on the street. the courts will monitor her. she will have a 6:00 p.m. curfew and she has been ordered not to drive or drink. >> after the judge was struck -- after the judge was done with adams, the 24-year-old was in the hallway sobbing and clinging to family members. >> judy, thank you for that report. the transportation secretary said a critical new report will deliver changes to the transportation agency. a report will be the released later this month. he says the report will lead to policy changes as well as personnel. there has been criticism in the flow of federal funding for infrastructure projects.
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>> a complaint against the anne arundel county executive. rebeccah has the startling details. >> there have been a series of sexual harassment charges against john leopold. the republican county executive is up for reelection and is it right now expected to win handily against his democratic challenger. but some are questioning his suitability of -- his suitability for office and others question the timing of the charges. >> these charges will be a factor on election day. >> if it is true, then there is no way to vote for him. >> i feel like is ongoing, so that makes me question his character. >> very salacious. that he would stand a fourth floor office with binoculars and survey women coming in and out of the office.
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then call down to the security guard and ask her to find those woman's identity. >> john leopold issued a report today saying he was disgusted by the lies and innuendo. the clock for 20 -- the eeoc investigated and found no substance in the allegations. i will not go through which are true and which are false, it has the value of a tabloid. it has obvious political purposes in the next step -- in the midst of an election. >> robin harding called me yesterday and said that nothing -- none of the allegations are true and that he has never acted anything other than a. toward her. -- other than appropriate toward her. >> others have said this is
5:35 pm
about the truth and they are confident that when put under oath, the truth will come out. >> but the county executive and the county attorney insisted [unintelligible] we spoke with several county attorneys today and all of them told me that not only did they believe the charges, but they know of alleged instances since this -- alleged incidences in their own offices against leopold. >> checking news around the region, in northwest d.c. today, education secretary arne duncan announced the winners of the national blue ribbon schools award. the school without walls on g street is one of 300 winners. it rewards schools with high student achievement or significant progress toward
5:36 pm
closing an achievement gap. >> the metro is ready for some football. the metro train is going to stay open an extra hour on sunday for the redskins game. and there will be extra blue line trains as well. the redskins have not paid metro in advance to get them to stay open later -- have paid metro in advance to get them to stay open later. our partners act wtop have learned that maryland transportation officials have organized a 5 k run/walk in gaithersburg on the 17th. the proceeds will benefit the special olympics of maryland. other rates if across the area are open at this hour. >> the short answer is, no, there is not a lot of open traffic at this hour. the interlude has had a rough day.
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as you can see, the outer loop, which you can see on the geico camera is not having a good day either. the inner lips closed from tyson's corner of way over to the baltimore washington greenbelt. that is a tough day. earlier communications have moved out of the way, but those miserable conditions will be sticking with you. >> still to come here on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., increasing a woman's chance of survival from colon cancer. >> a new movie documents rocky and felix's quest for his pop
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he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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but there is a new film out that documents joakim phoenix's strange transition from acting to hip hop. >> but acting really acting? >> i saw it for free and that is the way to see this one. >> last year, joakim phoenix went on the david letterman show and announced his retirement from acting and said he would concentrate instead on a hip-hop career. this movie documents that decision and i can only say i hope this thing is a hoax. >> that is you, drops of water and your the top of the mound. but when you start sliding down, you think, i'm a mountain top water drop. here" shows what? a rich, talented actor with the
5:42 pm
ability to do anything he wants? either squandering his talent for putting us on. he's ranting, screaming, crying and making major of himself. i still think he is one of the most talented actors of all time, unfortunately, this talent is not -- does not extend to hip hop. a sentiment shared by p. diddy. shot by casey affleck, joakim's brother-in-law, is possibly the human condition at its most wasteful. are rated and one more word, but that it. -- it is are rated, and one more word, apathetic. -- r-rated and one more word,
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pathetic. break?'t you take a >> is this supposed to be like spinal tap? is this supposed to be funny? >> [laughter] enough said. stay home this weekend. >> coming up next, a number of highways get dressed down. we will tell you why. >> i have been through so much already and now i feel i've got my teeth kicked in. >> she was told her mammogram
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>> we have with you cannot help but think is an outrageous story coming out of georgia where a hospital worker is accused of submitting false mammogram results for hundreds of women. >> she allegedly told them their results were normal, even though a doctor had never read them. some of the women are now finding out that they actually
5:47 pm
do have cancer. >> three years ago, marion was diagnosed with colorectal cancer that spread to her liver and lungs. >> with metastatic collector of cancer, the prognosis is three to five years. -- metastatic colorectal cancer, the prognosis is three to five years. i have been here three and a half. >> then a doctor discovered breast cancer. >> it is like, i have been through so much already and now it is like i have got my teeth kicked in. >> even worse, she had a mammogram at a hospital in georgia nearly two years ago, but an investigator said a particular radiology technician intentionally submitted her test and hundreds of others with false results without ever delivering them to radiologists for review. >> she was taking the mammograms and entering the results herself. >> and she always entered-. >> that is correct.
5:48 pm
>> the hospital called her actions inexplicable and their own internal review showed that she acted alone. -- acted alone. nearly 10 women have been told that they have breast cancer. >> because i am a christian might forgive her. >> a grand jury indicted her for breakfast conduct and computer fraud. she now faces up to 160 years in prison. tonight, there is a new reason for women to keep a trim waistline. cancer research says carrying excess waste -- excess weight in the waist and hips can actually increase an older woman's chances of dying of colon cancer. early diagnosis meant that women were likely to beat the cancer. >> fewer people are dying on the highways in the washington region fatalities dropped 15%
5:49 pm
in 2007 nationwide five traffic fatality rates have hit their lowest in 50 years. officials say more seat belts and safer cars and a crackdown of a drunk drivers is taking credit. >> had voted for either mayor adrian fenty and another for his challenger. the official pooch winner will be announced tomorrow on the humane society's website. one knows if that will be an actual predictor in the actual race. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead.
5:50 pm
>> several new developments tonight at 6:00 p.m., including gov. o'malley as the strongest statements yet with regard to supporting a marriage legislation. also, controversy over the florida pastor planning to bring the correne. it is even planning to cancel the event -- planning to burn the koran. is he really planning to cancel the event? >> how are things looking for the rest of the evening? >> sunshine and just a few clouds and very comfortable temperatures. just a few clouds over on the chesapeake bay looking off to the east. we expect clear skies and very comfortable conditions. 77 degrees in herndon with a dewpoint of 44. current temperature in temple of 75 degrees.
5:51 pm
73 in annapolis. 73 in downtown washington. it is dry. we're under a drought and this is the latest drop monitor a couple of days ago with most areas pretty dry. east is a little better. but look at these severely dry pockets. parts of the shenandoah valley and suburbs south and east. middle '70s for the day tomorrow. for the day on friday, temperatures in the 50's again. 76 for the high-temperature about 5:00 p.m. lots of sunshine. near 80 degrees on saturday. just a chance of a few showers sunday, but it should clear out by game time sunday night. monday, some sunshine, a bit cooler, but more sunshine for the middle and end of next week.
5:52 pm
>> dallas week. >> and traditionally, thursday for a sunday game marks the last day of the hard plane. now they will step back and rehearse the game plan. >> those traveling out of washington today me know there is something worth staying for. and if they did not know, thanks to redskins fans at union station, now they do. elaine child is a lifelong redskins fan and washington resident, even though she welcomes cowboys fans on board, she's still local to -- a loyal to her hometown team. and of course, there's always that maverick. >> how about some cowboys? >> fans showed their support downtown, and the players do not
5:53 pm
need any more reminders about the importance of this week's game. >> i would say the fans of are ready. >> the first thing they said was, hey, how'd you feel about dallas? i started to get a sense then. >> new england patriots quarterback, tom reddick, was in a two-car accident near his boston -- tom brady, within a two-car accident near boston today near his home. police have not filed any charges in this case. >> i sat next to him in the ambulance. but i did not know it was tom brady. >> he did not know? >> no, he did not have his no. 12 shirt on or his helmet. >> how did he seem to you?
5:54 pm
>> he seemed fine. >> after you guys hit him with a minivan he should have had his helmet on. >> he cut his hair, maybe that was it. >> let's not talk about hate. let's talk about love. >> thank you, mother teresa. coming up, more people over the age of 50 are getting the social networking bug.
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>> social networking is not just for the younger generation anymore. >> new research shows older americans are flocking to sites like facebook at rates faster than 20 somethings. >> at 54 years old, leonard has 134 friends, most of them family members. >> i'm beginning to like facebook more and more. >> this aarp volunteers part of
5:58 pm
a growing group of facebook fans over the age of 50. facebook helps them to keep up with extended family. >> my son and grandkids, i get to see their birthday parties when i cannot be there. >> according to new data from the pure research data, the use of social networking sites like facebook and link in jumped 50% to 80% for users over 50 priests -- 50 years old. it is up 100% for those over 65. >> young people, people like a lot of education, sometimes with a lot of money, eventually went technologies go -- get more popular they go mainstream. but now that the older group has caught on, there is still one social media side that they do not like. >> twitter, i do not know about
5:59 pm
that. >> putte research has found that while social networking is expanding only 11% of adults, between 50% and 64% use twitter. -- is only standing on the 11% of adults between 50 and 64, twitter is used by very few of them. >> coming at 6:00 p.m., breaking news. is the planned burning of the koran cancelled? we're getting conflicting reports. an answering the allegations that mayor fenty's campaign traded jobs for votes. what the mayor is saying tonight and some are calling for a federal investigation. and what at&t is doing to prevent dropped calls in the and what at&t is doing to prevent dropped calls in the d.c.


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